Chocolate heroes Sarah and Dylan

Sarah Johnston

Fat Cat Creamery

Sarah Johnston and Dylan

Meet Houston Chocolate Hero Sarah Johnston and Dylan of Fat Cat Creamery

'Fat Cat Creamery is one of eight independent Houston businesses featured during Houston Chocolate Heroes Month. For the occasion, Johnston is serving her Belgian Milk Chocolate Stout ice cream as well The Dude Malted, a malted milk shake made with Milk Chocolate Stout ice cream, peanut butter, malt powder and garnished with a chocolate-covered pretzel stick.

Johnston’s dream of starting a craft ice cream shop in Houston’s Heights neighborhood started when she realized there wasn’t one already. She says ice cream is her favorite food, so this was a solution for satisfying both her cravings and her creativity. She worked on Fat Cat Creamery in the evenings —introducing people to their ice cream at special food events — while maintaining her day job at a prominent commercial property management company. It took two-and-a-half years to make the dream come true, but Fat Cat Creamery’s storefront opened in December 2013.

Johnston prides herself on using the best ingredients for her ice cream, including milk, eggs and fresh fruit from local farms. She sought out excellent chocolate as well.

“I’ve been using Callebaut since first starting Fat Cat Creamery,” says Johnston. “We use the milk chocolate in our Milk Chocolate Stout ice cream and also the white chocolate on a regular basis. We always have it in-house for doing one thing or another.”

Fat Cat Creamery even makes its own toppings and chocolate-dipped cones.

Johnston first discovered the Callebaut milk chocolate in block form at a local Whole Foods. “I tasted it and it was so delicious. It was exactly the milk chocolate I had in mind and I’ve never gone back.”

Sustainability is a focus of the Callebaut brand — and for Fat Cat Creamery as well. The shop’s ice cream pints and single-serve packaging are made of leftover wheat straw, while spoons are manufactured of environmentally friendly materials, such as bio-plastics and cornstarch.

Chocolate heroes Sarah and Dylan