Chocolate hero Richard And Rachel Lin

Richard And
Rachel Lin

Memorial Bakery

Richard And Rachel Lin

Meet Houston Chocolate Heroes Richard & Rachel Lin of Memorial Bakery

'“Memorial Bakery has been around for about 20 years,” says Richard Lin. “We started as a small shop and did mostly wholesale to Houston hospitals and sports venues. About 10 years ago, we decided we needed to concentrate on retail. We relocated to a bigger space so we could host more walk-in customers and provide a sit-down environment and individual desserts.” The Lin’s specialize in custom cakes and cookies.

Richard Lin initially trained as a pastry chef at the Art Institute of Houston. At first, Rachel was an accountant but it wasn’t long before she joined her husband in the profession. “Pastry became how I released my stress,” said Rachel. We both really love it and learn from each other.”

The Lins place great importance on continuing their education. “Rachel trained with famous sugar artist and British chef Nicholas Lodge [of Atlanta-based International Sugar Art Collection], so now she can do realistic figurines,” said Richard Lin. Rachel added that both she and Richard have taken chocolate classes at the Chicago Chocolate Academy. In addition, in 2018 they attended the French Pastry School in Chicago. The Lins have used Callebaut chocolate for about five years. They started with the cocoa powder and then started integrating some of the specific chocolate varieties.

“The flavor is great and the consistency is awesome. We rarely have any problems. They also keep a good inventory, so we can always get the products as we need them. Also, the representative, Leanne, is really helpful when we have questions or new ideas. She always gives us thorough information on the products they carry so we can make decisions.”

On a day-to-day basis, the Lin’s use Callebaut for their mousse and chiffon Tiramisu Cake and for chocolate decorations. For Houston Chocolate Hero Month, they created the special Mochaccino Mousse Cake with 823 Belgian milk chocolate as well as cake pops featuring W2 Belgian white chocolate. Memorial Bakery is one of eight independent Houston businesses featured during Houston Chocolate Hero Month, executed in partnership with Houston Food Finder.

Chocolate Heroes RICHARD & RACHEL LIN of Memorial Bakery