Jimmy MacMillan

"I'm having the time of my life, doing work I that love."

Andreas Overgaard

"I baked cakes every day when I got home from school. It’s just something I can’t stop doing... Bringing simple joys in people’s lives."

Bartłomiej Jarzyna

"When I was a kid, my father insisted on helping him in the pastry shop – which I didn’t always like. Today, I’m grateful for it."

Eva krejsová and Jiří Hochman

"We never dreamed about becoming the best pastry chefs in the world. Instead, we dreamed of doing things right."

Andrea De Bellis

"I used to be a cop. But I was really bad at it because it didn’t make me happy. So I quit, and became a pastry chef."

Annette Klingelhöfer

"Trust me: being the 5th generation pastry chef in a family business can be a battle. But it ’s worth it, every second."

Jordi Farres

"I get my biggest kicks when I can add something really spectacular to everyday pastries or desserts."

Matthias Devos & Jakob Everaert

"We shared our visions, the investments, the work, the pleasure yet also the risks. We found a great location in Ghent with a nice vibe. A spot that brings people together."

Marie-Caroline Vroman

"Being able to express my creativity with chocolate is the biggest freedom I could imagine."

Joeri Vandekerkhove

"We sell do-it-yourself kits with dessert components like biscuits, sauces, ganaches, crisps, etc. for hi-end desserts you can make and serve at home…"
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