Chocolate hero Chris Leung

Chris Leung

Cloud 10 Creamery
Chicago, United States

Chris Leung

Meet Houston Chocolate Hero Chris Leung of Cloud 10 Creamery

'Leung is a Houston native who swapped his focus from chemistry to pastry after discovering that it was a creative outlet that also satisfied his love for precision work and experimentation. He studied under Belgian pastry chef Eddy Van Damme at Houston Community College. Next, Leung raised his profile in Houston as a pastry chef at several notable restaurants, including Yelapa, Bootsie’s (both now closed) and Kata Robata. In 2012, he joined Balcor Hospitality to open the first Cloud 10 Creamery in Houston. Since then, the ice cream shop has grown to multiple locations, including one in the Heights and the newest in Midtown.

For the Houston Chocolate Hero Month, Chef Leung is featuring a Belgian Milk Chocolate Ice Cream with a Dark and White Chocolate Swirl “magic shell.”

Leung has used Callebaut chocolate throughout his career.

“It’s always been a good product with an emphasis on sustainability, which is a really cool thing. That practice even extends to their basic milk and dark chocolates.”

Another quality that Leung evaluates in chocolate is mouth-feel. “The Callebaut chocolates I am choosing for the ice cream and the ‘magic shell’ are a little thicker. When it melts in your mouth, I like that mouth-feel better in a frozen product. For the magic shell especially, I like a chocolate that is thicker than what you’d use for bonbons or decorations.”

Callebaut has many different types of dark, milk and white chocolates. Leung personally leans towards those with caramel-like notes rather than vanilla. “Callebaut doesn’t put too much vanilla and I prefer that. The dark chocolate is a good, roasted cocoa flavor that’s more on the bitter end, not fruity.”

Creation by Chocolate Hero CHRIS LEUNG